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Temperature Indicating Paints with thenex 

Since more than 20 years thenex GmbH is a reliable export sales agent for the products of different temperature indicating paint manufacturers (such as VALSPAR, former MERCKENS ACKCHEMIE & Lilly Industries).

The technical experience of the manufacturing partners combined with the customer oriented services of thenex GmbH have proven to be of added value for overseas customers.

Apart from the VALSPAR range, we can offer temperature indicating paints for various temperature ranges and applications.

What is Therm-O-Signal?
The Therm-O-Signal paint system contributes to safer industrial and (petro)chemical plants. This temperature indicating paint changes colour in order to take preventive action when there is an imminent threat of overheating. The speed at which the colour changes and warns you is a major benefit of this paint system.

Preferably, processing is done by spray application to ensure the best flow capacity. In doing so, one can immediately apply the topcoat (even on hot substrates, which we don’t recommend, by the way). Optionally, the paint can be applied with a brush.

General Information

Properties of the cured film
In addition to the good corrosion and weather resistance, the color is resistant against e.g. oil, grease, gasoline, mechanical resistance and particularly high heat.

Application areas
The indication color is usually processed in chemical plants on e.g. blast furnaces, cracking plants and exhaust gas chimneys.

The paint is processed on surfaces where high heat resistance is required.

The paint indicates insulation defects and irregular heat transfer due to manufacturing defects in the process.

On which surfaces?
The paint is suited for treatment of steel surfaces.

How should the surface be prepared?
The surface should be shot-blasted. General recommendations acc. EN ISO 12944 part 4; grade of shot-blasting SA3 / ISO 8501-1 roughness number Rz 25-40μm. The surface should also be free from pollutions.

The picture shows the color gradients of different paints at different temperatures.

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